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On this page you can find programs for different calculations on your mobile phone.

AlcoholCalculator v.1.0 (4 Kb)
JAR (3 Kb)
Vendor: Waldner
Vendor's site: unknown
Calculates percentage of alcohol in your blood.

Calculator v.1.0 (33 Kb)
JAR (34 Kb)
Vendor: Константин Книжник (Konstantine Knizhnik)
Vendor's site:

Scientific calculator: allows to make calculations to a high accuracy. All standard functions included: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, exp, log, ceil, floor, sqr. Allows to specify your own functions and to use variables. Calculator saves all entered formulas. Also you can get the graph of one-variable function.

Converter v.2.1.4 (64 Kb)
JAR (63 Kb)
Vendor: Sony Ericsson
Vendor's site:
Calculator of measures - distance, volume, weight, temperature, speed e.t.c.

MicroCalc v.0.5.10 (156 Kb)
JAR (76 Kb)
Vendor: Michael Zemljanuha (Михаил Землянуха)
Vendor's site: unknown

Lisp-based tabular processor.

Photo Calc v.0.1.2 (20 Kb)
JAR (19 Kb)
Vendor: Duke
Vendor's site: unknown
Computation of parameters of optical system.

Res-Calculator v1.1 (9 Kb)
JAR (9 Kb)
Vendor: Xavi
Vendor's site: unknown
Counting of resistor's face-value.

Students Calculator v.1.5.0 PR (35 Kb)
JAR (37 Kb)
Vendor: :VoxeL:
Vendor's site:

Calculator for students with keyboard input (not tap).

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